Cat Toy Review: Petstages Catnip Crinkle & Toss Papers

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petstages catnip paper

On a whim I bought Petstages Crinkle and Toss Catnip Scented Papers for my two cats, Pearl and Herbie (seen below). For $4.95, Petstages, innovative maker of toys for cats and dogs, calls it “the perfect toy”, promises “hours of fun” and claims that each sheet “is infused with real, long lasting catnip scent”. Lofty claims. Nonetheless, I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to keep my cats stimulated so I risked it. Following the instructions, I removed a single sheet from the package, crinkled it up to activate the catnip, tossed it on the floor and waited for them to go crazy. Pearl and Herbie eagerly attacked the bright orange paper, sniffed it, batted it around for about 10 seconds, and then were done. Designed to ‘reduce boredom’ it just didn’t stand up to the claims. Summary: Save your money. A small sheet of notebook paper rubbed in catnip for 30 seconds will have the same effect, if any.